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What We Do

Intelligent Trade Labs (ITL) is creating a transformative software platform in order to simplify the customs process and regulatory compliance of international trade. ITL slashes compliance time and costs. Additionally, ITL also reduces regulatory risks through improved accuracy and timely solutions.

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How We Do It

ITL develops software that learns how to solve problems, somewhat like a human brain. Regulatory compliance staff and customs brokers spend a lot of time searching for correct information, reading, writing, communicating, and making decisions. We automate such activities using different aspects of artificial intelligence, such as machine learning.

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Duty Explorer - Simplifying China Imports

Determine Section 301 tariffs for goods entering the U.S. from China and the EU in seconds. Eliminate reading through about 130 pages of regulations in 46 different notes to figure out if your import from China is included or excluded from the regulations. Get this wrong and your company could miscalculate your duty rate by 25%.

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  • Growing complexity of regulations
  • Too much non-productive time, hurting billable hours
  • Mistakes that lead to shipment delays, fines, penalties
  • Too many changes in regulations making it tough to keep up
  • Sheer volume of govt. regulations, rulings, bulletins, handbooks, directives, decisions

ITL Solutions: Simplification through Automation